Wat is Fiar CE?

FIAR CE is de “Vereniging van Fabrikanten, Importeurs en Agenten op Radiogebied”,
de branchevereniging van leveranciers op het gebied van consumenten elektronica in Nederland en opgericht in 1929.

FIAR CE behartigt de collectieve belangen van de leden ten opzichte van overheid en politiek, consumentenorganisaties, pers en publieke opinie.
In 2016 zijn 28 bedrijven lid. Zij vertegenwoordigen gezamenlijk het overgrote deel van de markt.

Membership (english)

Association FIAR CE

Industry association FIAR CE is the only branche association in The Netherlands for manufacturers, importers and agents of the so called "browngoods" (audio- and visual equipment). The association was established in 1929 and almost all companies are member, representing more than 90 % of the browngoods market.

The association aims to protect and enhance the interests of the browngood industry in general and that of the members in particular.


In 2018 the board is as follows:
B. (Barend) Ezechiels (Sony Benelux bv) chairman

M. (Martijn) Lutgerink (Samsung Electronics Benelux) member

D. (Dennis) Kikke (TP Vision)  member

R. (Ron) Wille (Panasonic Netherlands)  member

Members must be companies in the consumer electronics industry that do not focus
(primarily) on sales to consumers in other ways than through retail channels.

The secretariat of the association is in hands of it director, André Habets,
De Baken 68
5231 HS Den Bosch
T +31 73 511 62 07
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  • Provide a platform for members through bi-annual member meetings and ad hoc meetings that inform members about developments and that provide an occasion to meet managing directors of fellow companies. Presentations, introductions, newsletters. This platform is very much valued by the members.
  • Coordination and distribution of market information and the feasibility of taking part in shows and events.
  • Advising on product related issues on energy (energy star, standby –energy, on-mode energy reduction programs)
  • Advice on general sales terms
  • Advice on all legislation that could or will affect the members and the industry (warrantee –national and European- , consumer protection laws, general law on products, removal legislation regarding end-of-life electronics and packaging, etc)
  • Organising, financing and managing collection and recycling of end-of-life electronics, based on national and European legislation.
  • Taking care of interests of the industry and its members in contacts with other branche associations, government, retail associations, international bodies like EICTA.
  • "Translating" to the members in a comprehensible way of legislation, legal developments and taking care of interests of the industry and its members during the process of new legislation (WEEE, RoHS etc)
  • Being first address for press, government, organisations (consumer organisations, non-governmental organisations, Digitenne, Interference Foundation, etc)
  • Providing a cluster for packaging, based on the national packaging legislation and coaching members in compliance
  • Assessing and interpreting issues relating to product safety (fire alledgedly caused by products). Answering inquiries from fire departments and press.
  • Maintenance of the international uniform repair coding system (IRIS)
  • Advice regarding solution of debates
  • Monitoring consumertests.

Companies have been member of FIAR CE for a long time and have expressed their appreciation of the services and assistance of FIAR CE.

The yearly fee is based on the market share according to GfK:

0 - 1% € 1.375
1 < 2,9% € 2.300
3 < 3.9% € 4.575
4 < 9,9% € 7.000
10% and more € 11.500

Entrance fee € 2.300

Contact met FIAR CE

mr. André Habets
De Baken 68
5231 HS 's-Hertogenbosch

Tel:      +31 (0) 73 511 62 07
E -mail: Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.